Lavinia and Mary Have an Adventure, by Poshcat

by djsacramento

#30: “Lavinia and Mary Have an Adventure” by Poshcat

Synopsis: Downton Abbey fanfic in which Lavinia is courageous, Mary is resourceful and Sir Richard is a mustache-twirling utter cad.

Lavinia waits for the chauffeur to come running after them to stop them, but perhaps he’s inside having supper because soon enough they’re on the main road and nobody seems to have noticed them at all. “I think you should keep the lights off,” Lavinia advises.

“Good, because I don’t know how to turn them on,” Mary says. “I’ve only driven in the daytime.” She glances over at Lavinia. “Are you all right?”

I’ve actually never seen “Downton Abbey” but I have a thing for women in distress who turn up courageous and resourceful. And this is an exceptionally well-written vignette about period-appropriate adventures. Featuring drunk and unsuitable twinks. It’s marvelous.

“Lavinia and Mary Have an Adventure” is free online at An Archive Of Our Own.