Who chooses what stories I read?

You do. You can read whatever story you’d like.

What happens if I miss a day?

The challenge of reading a story a day for an entire year is hard. It’s meant to be. But life happens. If you miss a day you aren’t knocked out of the challenge because the real goal is to spread the word about as many short stories as possible. So if you miss a day or there is a longer timeframe where you don’t read any stories that’s ok, just come on back when you do read on. We’ll leave the light on.

Where can I find stories to read?

There are lot’s of single author collections and multi-author anthologies released each year. There are also a lot of online places that publish fiction on a regular basis. We hope to build a community here so if you really can’t find a story to read just ask…or wait until the posts start 🙂

Are there any genre limitations?

None at all. Read whatever short story you would like.

What if I read more than one story a day? Can I bank stories ahead.

That’s great. Yes you can bank stories ahead. If you are participating in the challenge you either come back to the site each day and make a post for each story or you can schedule posts ahead.

Got a question? Let me know in the comments and I’ll add it to the FAQ.