A short story a day review

Month: November, 2012

Dust Clouds by Jane Hammons

by sandraseamans

I love the way this story unfolds like the wind blowing across the prairie to reveal the harsh life that lives beneath those layers of dust.  Beautifully done.  You can read the story here

Blubber, David Cranmer, EDUCATION OF A PULP WRITER

by Patti Abbott

A obese man gets even for the years of disparagement his weight has brought him.

Baby’s in Blue, Nigel Bird, PROTECTORS

by Patti Abbott

#333-Ehen a fellow donates sperm to a lesbian couple, he can’t quite let go of his son. Nor can he care for him.

“The Dragon Rock” by Ellena Ashley

by kattomic

“The Dragon Rock” by Ellena Ashley


Story 329/366

This is a lovely little fairy tale of a story that reads as if it were meant to be read aloud at story time. You can read this story at East of the Web.

See you tomorrow.

Poor Helen, Jean Thompson, WHO DO YOU LOVE

by Patti Abbott

A woman whose family had left her finds solace in bars.

“Division by Zero” by Ted Chiang

by kattomic

“Division by Zero” by Ted Chiang


Story 328/366

Some of the best stories I’ve read this year play with mathematical concepts and this one is no exception. The story appeared in the anthology Full Spectrum #3 in 1991 and is also in his collection Stories of Your Life and Others. You can read it here on the Fantastic Metropolis website. An interview with Chiang appears here.

See you tomorrow!

The Cobbler, Dennis James, WORK STORIES

by Patti Abbott

A boy (in the fifties) cobbles a relationship with a cobbler that leads both of them down the wrong path but not for the reasons you might assume. Great writing.

“The Wait” by Chris Benton

by kattomic

“The Wait” by Chris Benton


Story 326/366

This is an incredibly strong story that would be worth it just for the evocative phrase, “After her screams dried on the wall.” It’s a story of a family legacy. This story appeared on A Twist of Noir in September.

See you tomorrow!

“Let Us Now Praise Awesome Dinosaurs” by Leonard Richardson

by kattomic

“Let Us Now Praise Awesome Dinosaurs” by Leonard Richardson


Story 325/366

Richardson likes dinosaurs. He mentions that on his web page. This story begins with a dinosaur walking into a gun store looking to make a purchase. (“Why?” the gun shop owner asks him. “For protection,” he replies.) This story appeared on Strange Horizons in 2009. Read it here. Richardson is also the co-author of Restful Web Services, a book about building websites that machines can read–which he believes is the next big thing. Yes, more proof that we’re living in a 1950s science fiction movie.

See you tomorrow!

“Body Solar” by Derryl Murphy

by kattomic

“Body Solar” by Derryl Murphy


Story 324/366

A man takes a very special journey. It originally appeared in On Spec in 1993. You can read the story here.

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