A short story a day review

Tag: science fiction

Shirlley Temple Three, Thomas Pierce, THE NEW YORKER

by Patti Abbott

In the future, scientists can bring back extinct species and a wooly mammoth is ST-3. Despite good care from the game show (where this is present to the public) host’s Mom’s good care ST-languishes. Funny, sad and a bit believable.


Night Train to Mundo Fine, Jimmy Calloway, NIGHTFALLS

by Patti Abbott

What Katherine said.

Greene Day, Nigel Bird. NIGHTFALL

by Patti Abbott

#342-A D.J. is surprised when no callers call on the last day. But then one does. Great story.

The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas, Ursula Lequin

by Patti Abbott

This is one my husband always uses in his class on utopias hence I am reading it again. In a perfect society, the only bad thing is that one child each year is chosen to live in complete squalor and degradation.

I am reading two a day since I will be away for two weeks.

The Elizabeth Complex, Karen Joy Fowler, CRANK

by Patti Abbott

A clever meshing of famous Elizabeths and how feminism impacetd their stories.

Island of the Immortals, Ursula Lequin, LIGHTSPEED MAGAZINE

by Patti Abbott

In the future, a tourist yearns to visit the Island of the Immortals despite discouragement from her agent and research that is not encouraging. Once there, it is a dispiriting place and living there forever would exceed death in its horror.

“Double Exposure” by Lou Antonelli

by kattomic

“Double Exposure” by Lou Antonelli


Story 174/366

Antonelli is a science fiction writer who works exclusively in the short story range. This one just appeared on the Daily Science Fiction site. It is a cautionary tale about the price you pay for marrying for money.

See you tomorrow!

by kattomic

“Black Fire” by Tanith Lee


Story 85/366

I’m not sure when I first started reading Tanith Lee’s fiction but by the time I did, she had already produced an enormous body of work. (Her productivity makes Stephen King look like a slacker.) I dove into her books and stories like a starveling, gorging on her beautiful words. I don’t think I’d ever read prose so sensually lush and layered. If words had a scent, hers would be deep, dark damask roses in a field of daisies. I fell hopelessly in love with her work and to this day remain a huge admirer. (And honestly, isn’t Tanith Lee the Best. Author. Name. Ever?) “Black Fire” is a science fiction story tinged with dark fantasy and horror. (Lee was blending genre long before everybody was doing it.) She is playing with point of view in “Black Fire,” telling her story from a series of different perspectives as transcripts from a number of different witnesses . You can read the story on the Light Speed site here; and you can read what Lee had to say about the story here.

See you tomorrow!

“The Valley of Spiders” by H.G. Wells

by kattomic

“The Valley of Spiders” by H.G. Wells


Story 29/366

Socialist, futurist, fabulist, H.G. Wells is one of the founding fathers of science fiction, but sf was not the only genre he wrote. “The Valley of Spiders” is a great, pulpy adventure story about three men riding into a valley in pursuit of a half-caste girl who has ignited the lust of the group’s leader. What they find in the valley is creepy and deadly and if you have a fear of spiders you really don’t want to read the story. It’s online here.

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