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Escape Velocity by S.J. Rozan

by Barb Goffman


From Ride 2: More Short Fiction About Bicycles (Edited by Keith Snyder) (Typeflow, Inc. 2012)

A story that’s hard to describe. For all his life, the unnamed main character craves speed, movement, escape – all of which he gets from cycling. When he enters a relationship with a woman who prompts him to adjust his lifestyle, he does, for a while, but only for a while, until his true self forces its way out.

I Seen That by S.J. Rozan

by Barb Goffman

11/366 from the anthology Once Upon A Crime edited by Gary R. Bush and Chris Everheart (Nodin Press 2009)

This story is told from the point of view of a drinker who reveals more and more of what he knows about a murder as the evening goes on and the alcohol flows. The author took an interesting approach to this tale: It’s all written in dialogue (though there are no quotation marks used), but only from the protagonist. We hear the protagonist talking to the bartender, and reacting to what the bartender says, though we never actually see the bartender say anything directly.