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Tag: Noir

Six Shots from Al Guthrie, SHOTGUN HONEY

by Patti Abbott

Six humorous, ironic pieces adding up to less than 700 words.

Ollie, Tyler Sage, PANK MAGAZINE

by Patti Abbott

After Ollie finds a body in a dumpster, things only grow worse. Lovely writing and a great, sad character.

Party Favors, Chris Leek, SPINETINGLER

by Patti Abbott

A 29 year old who has done more of his share of bad things lies on a motel bed surrounded by the people he’s dispatched.


by Patti Abbott

#254-A clever takeoff on THE THREE LITTLE PIGS in an anthology of modern takes on fairly tales. In this one three brothers try and fail to outsmart their boss.

Baby Jebus’ Big Score, Heath Lowrance, PULP METAL MAGAZINE

by Patti Abbott

When Baby Jebus climbs down from a nativity scene and hooks up with a woman of the night, things begin to go awry. Very clever premise and lovely execution.

The Kindness of Strangers, Ray Banks, PROTECTORS

by Patti Abbott

A man uses his position as a school photographer to exploit unhappy girls.

The Drowning of Jeremiah Fishfinger, Ian Ayris, PROTECTORS

by Patti Abbott

An abusive father eventually drives his most abused son too far. Sad, sad, sad but lovely details and writing.

Bang, Bang, CIndy Rosmus, SHOTGUN HONEY

by Patti Abbott

Two girls come into a bar….and all hell breaks loose.

The Step Away, Kieran Shea, BEAT TO A PULP

by Patti Abbott

A sad little story about what a detective finds when he follows a husband away from home a little too often. Great writing from Mr. Shea in a grim tale.

The Five Forty-Eight, John Cheever

by Patti Abbott

A despicable man is brought to task by his deranged secretary. The strength of this story is in the details. I can’t imagine any current writer finding the details that Cheever does. Each one adds to the suspense of what will happen. You can find it online.


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