A short story a day review

Tag: Noir

The Other Place, Mary Gaitskill, THE NEW YORKER

by Patti Abbott

A man, and then is son, is attracted to the idea of hurting women. Scary stuff as you expect from the author.

El Locomotive, Mike Miner, Burnt Bridge

by Patti Abbott

An introduction to jail.

Blubber, David Cranmer, EDUCATION OF A PULP WRITER

by Patti Abbott

A obese man gets even for the years of disparagement his weight has brought him.

Baby’s in Blue, Nigel Bird, PROTECTORS

by Patti Abbott

#333-Ehen a fellow donates sperm to a lesbian couple, he can’t quite let go of his son. Nor can he care for him.

Poor Helen, Jean Thompson, WHO DO YOU LOVE

by Patti Abbott

A woman whose family had left her finds solace in bars.

Selk-Knowledge, Richard Bausch, THE COLLECTED STORIES

by Patti Abbott

#318-A teacher whose life is falling apart, falls apart in the house of a student.

Participatory Democracy, Katherine Tomlinson, THUGLIT 2

by Patti Abbott

An unemployed woman with nowhere to turn and brought to her knees by her ex-husband, turns her anger on a lout of a politician.
Remember the women!

Sinny and the Prince, Vicki Hendricks, FLORIDA GOTHIC STORIES

by Patti Abbott

When twins are reunited, the consequences are not what either expected.

The Big Nap, Alex Mattingly, PANK

by Patti Abbott

This is a truly clever story that sets a gangster story on a school playground. The details really make it sing.

Peaches, Todd Robinson, GRIFT

by Patti Abbott

Everyone has a babysitter they remember. This is also an ode to Hell’s Kitchen when it still walked the walk.


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