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“The Wrinkles” by Troy Keller

by kattomic

troy keller 365“The Wrinkles” by Troy Keller


Story 365/366

Keller is an attorney who writes. This story ponders the concept of biology as destiny. You can read it here at East of the Web. You can read more of Keller’s fiction on his site, Leastwise.

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“The Dragon Rock” by Ellena Ashley

by kattomic

“The Dragon Rock” by Ellena Ashley


Story 329/366

This is a lovely little fairy tale of a story that reads as if it were meant to be read aloud at story time. You can read this story at East of the Web.

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“Funeral Games” by Kay Sexton

by kattomic

“Funeral Games” by Kay Sexton


Story 222/366

There’s a wonderful conceit at the heart of this story, and this is my favorite line: “It was hard to use musical code with someone sixty-seven years younger.”  You can read Sexton’s story in Storyglossia (Issue 21, July 2007) here. You can also read more of her short stories on East of the Web.

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“Blind” by Ann Fischer

by kattomic

“Blind” by Ann Fischer


Story 192/366

I didn’t know the work of Canadian writer Ann Fischer until I ran across this story at “East of the Web.” It’s a very short story, an interior monologue from a woman whose husband is falling apart and taking their marriage with him. You can read the story here.

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“Professor Panini” by Matthew Grigg

by kattomic

“Professor Panini” by Matthew Grigg


Story 190/366

This is a truly odd little story (only three pages long) about a machine with a mind of its own. You can read it here at East of the Web. You can listen to it here.

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