by kattomic

“Black Fire” by Tanith Lee


Story 85/366

I’m not sure when I first started reading Tanith Lee’s fiction but by the time I did, she had already produced an enormous body of work. (Her productivity makes Stephen King look like a slacker.) I dove into her books and stories like a starveling, gorging on her beautiful words. I don’t think I’d ever read prose so sensually lush and layered. If words had a scent, hers would be deep, dark damask roses in a field of daisies. I fell hopelessly in love with her work and to this day remain a huge admirer. (And honestly, isn’t Tanith Lee the Best. Author. Name. Ever?) “Black Fire” is a science fiction story tinged with dark fantasy and horror. (Lee was blending genre long before everybody was doing it.) She is playing with point of view in “Black Fire,” telling her story from a series of different perspectives as transcripts from a number of different witnesses . You can read the story on the Light Speed site here; and you can read what Lee had to say about the story here.

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