A short story a day review

“Seven Smiles and Seven Frowns” by Richard Bowes

by kattomic

richard bowes 365“Seven Smiles and Seven Frowns” by Richard Bowes


Story 361/366

Bowes is a much-honored writer of sf and speculative fiction. This is a fairy tale with multiple versions and each with a different meaning. You can learnĀ  more about Bowes on his official site. You can read this story on the Lightspeed site.

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Navigatores, Mike Meginnis, BEST AMERICAN SHORTS 2012

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Terrific story about a man and his son whose lives have retreated to an existence almost entirely within a fantasy game they are playing.

Paramour, Jennifer Haigh, BEST SHORT STORIES OF 2012

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A woman is invited to a tribute for a man she had a strange relationship fifteen years earlier.