Intubation by Glenn Gray

by Brian Lindenmuth

Intubation by Glenn Gray is from the Shotgun Honey Both Barrels anthology.

Intubation is about a criminal doctor (a topic I’ve thought way to much about) and some patients who darken is doorway one night.

I liked the intimacy between the doctor and his partner that runs throughout the story. They are in a loving and committed relationship even if others don’t understand. I also think that the tension surrounding the first half of the medical procedure is very tense. The second half of the procedure is played more as a punchline, and there isn’t anything wrong with that it just has a bit of a tonal difference.


Intubation is an energetic and action packed story. But in its presentation of a slice of a situation it has an aftermath problem. A man, living in a brownstone worth millions, with a transgender partner, who regularly has injured criminals coming to his door for care, relies on the police coming in the end and is happy to have them coming. It’s a case where a story wants me to believe that 2+2=5.

With all of that said I still enjoyed the story.