“My Wife’s Tempter” by Fitz James O’Brien

by kattomic

“My Wife’s Tempter” by Fitz James O’Brien


Story 272/366

According to Wikipedia, O’Brien (whose name is spelled in many different ways) wrote fiction that was a precursor to science fiction. I have to admit, his name was new to me (which is true of a lot of the 19th century writers I’ve discovered in the course of this challenge). “My Wife’s Tempter” is not a sci fi story at all but very much a story of its time in some ways. (There’s a reference to “milliner’s bills” and “a woman’s usual money problems” that is oh so dated now.) The “tempter” is not what you might think(nor is the kind of temptation) the important of the temptation to the story reflects prejudices that are not quite dead more than a hundred and fifty years later. you can read the story here.

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