“A Sound, Like Angels Singing” by Leonard Rysdyk

by kattomic

“A Sound, Like Angels Singing” by Leonard Rysdyk


Story 243/366

Rysdyk is a 1990 Clarion West graduate and this is the second story he wrote there. He has the smallest Internet footprint of any writer I’ve ever come across. He is a member of Library Thing and GoodReads, but almost all that’s there on his “profile” is a mention that he wrote this story, which appeared in Snow White, Blood Red, an anthology of adult fairy tales edited by Terri Windling and Ellen Datlow. So there’s no bio or picture of the author today. (Even the author’s  intro in the book is extremely spare—Rysdyk is clearly a man who relishes his privacy.) This story is short and strange, a reworking of a well-known tale from a very unusual point of view.

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