“Pollito Chicken” by Ana Lydia Vega

by kattomic

“Pollito Chicken” by Ana Lydia Vega


Story 240/366

This story was originally published in 1977. I couldn’t find it in English translation online, but here it is in Spanish. (I ran it through Google Translate, which is adequate to get the gist of the story but not much more.) Here’s an English language document in which Diana L. Velez talks about the issues and themes of the story, which have to do with the split identity of a woman named Susie Bermudez who is sneered at as a wannabe gringa when she goes on vacation. The title, Vega explains, has cultural significance as one of the rhymes used to teach a generation of Puerto Rica immigrants how to speak English.  Vegas work is included in Colonial Subject’s Search for Nation, Culture, and Identity in the Works of Julia Alvarez, Rosario Ferre, and Ana Lydia Vega.

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