“The Right Kind of House” by Henry Slesar

by kattomic

“The Right Kind of House” by Henry Slesar


Story 229/366

A man with New York license plates comes to a small town ready to pay a lot of money for “the right kind of house.” Slesar was a prolific short story writer who managed to turn out hundreds of stories in a dozen genres under multiple pseudonyms while still working a day job as a copywriter. (He apparently invented the term “coffee break,” although he probably never actually took one himself.) This story appears in the anthology Haunted Houses, which also contains stories by Robert Bloch, Joyce Carol Oates, Jack Chalker, Bram Stoker, and H. P. Lovecraft, among others. Used copies of this anthology are available on amazon.com for only a penny plus shipping, so if you like haunted house stories, you might want to pick the book up.

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