“Cattletruck” by Cliff Burns

by kattomic

“Cattletruck” by Cliff Burns


Story 230/366

In the not-too-distant future, some sort of plague/apocalypse has occurred and now the narrator of the story is being shipped to a displaced persons camp somewhere in the middle of nowhere. This is a story of his brief encounter with a little girl on the train taking him there, and the consequences of their meeting. Burns is a Canadian writer who became famous/notorious for posting his rejected novel (So Dark the Night) online at his blog. Here’s an interview from 2008 where he makes some predictions about the ebook revolution. He’s spot on in some cases and dead wrong in others. Here’s another interview, also from 2008, where he talks about marketing the novel. “Cattletruck” appeared in Midnight Graffiti, a really interesting anthology with stories from David Schow, Nancy Collins, Dan Simmons, Harlan Ellison and Stephen King, among others.

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