Bone and Ash and Butterflies, by Julia Rios

by audreyhoman

#51: Bone and Ash and Butterflies, by Julia Rios

Synopsis: A horribly good update to the Monkey’s Paw story.

“How do you create a memory? With craft and skill, and the right supplies, anyone can learn.” Rena smiled, panning her head from one side of the room to the other, catching every client’s eyes along the way.

The first spread was on vacations. “A little sand, some colorful papers, and a whimsical plastic flip-flop make this piece really shine.” Rena pointed to the happy couple, hands entwined as they strolled along a beach at sunset. “Yes, you too can have this experience. It’s not as expensive as you might think.”

I honestly didn’t think anyone could update the Monkey’s Paw and make it still work, give it a new twist. I thought all the changes had been wrung on that bell. Turns out I was wrong.

“Bone and Ash and Butterflies” is free online here.