A short story a day review

“Roses at his Feet” by Todd Robinson

by kattomic

“Roses at his Feet” by Todd Robinson


Story 181/366

Todd Robinson (aka “Big Daddy Thug”) resurrected ThugLit this year as a paying market, which would be reason enough to take note of him. But he has also just released his first collection of short stories, Dirty Money. “Roses at his Feet” is the story of a small-time mugger whose latest victim “seems strangely under-intimidating.” The story was originally written under the pseudonym “Dana Frittersmash,” for easons Robinson explains in his foreword, but in the era of “Benedict Cumberbatch,” the name doesn’t even sound particularly bogus. “Roses at his Feet” is one of the stories in Robinson’s new collection, Dirty Words, available here.  You can also read the story linked from Robinson’s site, here.

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Job History, Annie Proulx, WYOMING STORIES

by Patti Abbott

This relays the sad job history of a Wyoming family over a number of years. The high hopes and failures. Bleak

The Controller by David Morrell

by Barb Goffman


From the anthology The Rich and the Dead (Grand Central Publishing, 2011)

Cavanaugh and his wife are protective agents. Don’t call them bodyguards, because a bodyguard does what he’s told and simply guards. A protective agent is full-on security who tells the guarded person what he can and can’t do to avoid danger. At least that’s how it’s supposed to work, until this extremely rich guy, Dent, hires Cavanaugh after several attempts are made on Dent’s life, but Dent guy doesn’t like to be controlled and keeps putting himself in danger. Things progress as you’d expect  until you hit the twist in the story.

Lamborghini Mommy by Harley Jane Kozak

by Barb Goffman


From the anthology The Rich and the Dead (Grand Central Publishing, 2011)

Newly divorced mom Sarah traded in her home in Bel Air for full custody of her daughter, Leighton, and Leighton’s tuition being paid at an upper-class private school. New friendships are formed and all is well–until someone is murdered and Sarah is framed.

The Precipice by Daniel J. Hale

by Barb Goffman


From the anthology The Rich and the Dead (Grand Central Publishing, 2011)

Hint to wives: If your husband is a rich, crazy guy, don’t tell him you wish you married your high-school boyfriend instead. It just might set your husband off.