#48: The Perseverance of Angela’s Past Life, by Zen Cho

by djsacramento

#48: The Perseverance of Angela’s Past Life, by Zen Cho

Synopsis: Angela’s side of the dragon/Prudence story.

She thought she would probably need one pair of formal shoes, but she couldn’t decide whether she should pack the new fancy shoes—which were beautiful and appropriate, but untried—or the old stalwart black peeptoes. They were a little manky, but they had seen her through May Balls and medsoc dinners alike.

“Bring both,” said her old self.

Her old self could not enter the room without Angela’s permission. She hovered at the window, peering in.

Angela was not going to invite her in. It was a cold night, but the dead don’t feel the cold.

I don’t know if it’s obvious by now, but I’m a huge Zen Cho fan. I would love to hear Zheng Li’s side of the story too. Or one of the singing tomatoes.

“The Perseverance of Angela’s Past Life” is available online for free.