Waiting with Mortals, by Crystal Koo

by audreyhoman

#46: Waiting with Mortals, by Crystal Koo

Synopsis: Ghosts and the people they let haunt them in modern-day Hong Kong.

She says, It isn’t true that girl ghosts are more curious. They leave you alone and do what they came to do. But the guys come into you and they run through everything in you like a bulldozer. Frantic. Almost desperate.

J.G. makes an outward, splaying movement with her hands. It takes a few minutes with girls but with guys, I black out immediately, she says. Like they just can’t wait to look at you from the inside. I like that about them.

She carefully picks a spot on the couch where a little wine has spilled, not looking at me. Her movements are perfect, almost like a performance put on for my benefit.

I’m not doing it for the money, she says.

Beautiful ghost noir, set in a pale and intimate Hong Kong, where, while waiting to cross over, ghosts possess mortals. The police call it “forced entry” even when the mortals consent. The police have their own ghost force. Ben’s relationship with the destructive and doomed J.G. is almost as compelling as his relationship with his distant, demanding father. An amazing Father’s Day read.

“Waiting with Mortals” is available online for free.