The House of Aunts, by Zen Cho

by audreyhoman

#44: The House of Aunts, by Zen Cho

Synopsis: A teenage vampire in Malaysia tries not to fall in love. And her aunts are only too happy to help with that.

“Oh, that,” said Ridzual. It was his turn to look embarrassed. “That’s called a Bangsar accent. But don’t hold it against me. I’m trying to be a Lubuk Udangite. A good prawn.”

“I’ve live in Lubuk Udang my whole life,” said Ah Lee.

“Right? What should I do to become a good Lubuk Udangite?”

“Don’t call us prawns,” said Ah Lee.

So good. Dizzy, sultry prose like honey, a plot that builds well, and aunts. Many, many aunts. Also: flesh-eating.

“The House of Aunts” is available free online.