Pillar of the Community by J. J. Dumont

by Barb Goffman


From Crime Scene: New Jersey 3 (Clued In Press 2010)

A beloved, well-respected man is murdered at Giants Stadium. His nephew, a police commissioner, investigates the crime (and also, unbelievably, corrupts evidence out of stupidity).

I thought this was a well-plotted story, generally, but I also felt a bit cheated. We’re in the sleuth’s head, so when he figured out whodunit, the reader should have known at that moment, too, or at least should have been given a clue that the sleuth had figured something important out by having him react to finding the key information and have the scene fade out, or something like that. Instead the reader was suddenly not privy to everything the sleuth knew, setting up a big reveal at the end.