“For a Single Yesterday” by George R. R. Martin

by kattomic

“For a Single Yesterday” by George R. R. Martin


Story 127/366

I never read Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire books but I am enjoying Game of Thrones tremendously. The other viewer in the household knows what’s coming next but has refused to reveal spoilers, so except for advance knowledge of the Red Wedding, I have no idea what’s happening. I’ve read a number of Martin’s stand-alone stories including Armageddon Rag and Fevre Dream and really like his work. “For a Single Yesterday” is the first short piece of his I’ve read. (and actually. at nearly 10K, it’s more of a novella). It’s about a musician, a post-apocalyptic community and a drug called “chronie.” You can read it on Science Fiction & Fantasy’s archive site.  Extra points if you get the song reference that’s the title.

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