The P.I.’s Last Case by Andrew McQuilkin

by Barb Goffman


From the Feb. – May 2012 issue of the Strand Magazine

A modern day P.I. story is told in a 1950s (40s?) harboiled manner, with every woman who goes to see the P.I. by herself ending up making out – and more – with him. (The sex scenes aren’t really relevant to the review, but they made me roll my eyes.) A man has died and one by one, friends and family members, as well as some cops, come to see the P.I., some to urge him to investigate the death, others to warn him off. The P.I. spends the day talking to all these folks, then goes to his neighborhood bar where he pours out his troubles to the bartender, who figures out what happened nicely and neatly and makes clear that this investigator is past his prime.