“Frenchman Street Shotgun & Others” by Jose Torres-Tama

by kattomic

“Frenchman Street Shotgun & Others” by Jose Torres-Tama.


Story 118/366

Jose Torres-Tama refers to himself as a “brujo performance artist” with shows that are a fusion of spoken word, fire rituals, spectacle, poetry recitation and more. He’s based in New Orleans and his current show is called Cone of Uncertainty, New Orleans after Katrina.  He was there during the hurricane and its aftermath and you can download his essays about the experience here. This story originally appeared in Red Hours of Damage Inside Nocturnal New Orleans. I found it on the 3AM site. It’s a dysfunctional Latino love story told in a series of vignettes that drive us to the final, heated climax of the protagonists’ relationship.

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