“Thy Heart’s Desire” by Netta Syrett

by kattomic

“Thy Heart’s Desire” by Netta Syrett


Story 110/366

Syrett was a Victorian writer whose protagonists were “New Women.” She was a teacher (one of her colleagues was Aubrey Beardsley’s sister) until asked to resign after her play, The Finding of Nancy, was reviewed by a critic who suggested that the plot (about a “typewriting woman” and a married man) was autobiographical. (The New York Times opined that the play “has little or no commercial value … and betrays small knowledge of theatrical construction.”  You can read the review here.)  By the time she resigned, though, Syrett’s work was very popular and she published a novel a year until 1939.

“Thy Heart’s Desire” is a bit of a cautionary tale. It’s sort of horrifying the way the two men in the story infantilize the female protagonist. The story’s pace is … languid, but the dialogue is intriguing. You can read it here.

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