“Another Evening at the Club” by Alifa Rifaat

by kattomic

“Another Evening at the Club” by Alifa Rifaat


Story 107/366

Fatimah Abdullah Rifaat (pen name Alifa Rifaat) was an Egyptian writer who balanced her faith in Islam with controversial short stories examining themes of female sexuality and subjugation in a man’s world. She new what she was talking about. Born and raised in rural Egypt, Rifaat was punished by her family for writing about her chosen topics in poetry and fiction. As a young woman, she was also forced to marry her cousin rather than be allowed to continue her education. (Her husband let her write for a couple of years and then pressured her to stop, which she did.) This story is told from the point of view of Samia, a beautiful girl with a good reputation who loses an emerald ring. You can read it here.

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