We Shall Overthug by Tyler Dilts

by Brian Lindenmuth

This story is from the Scoundrels anthology.

I started reading this story and quickly realized that it had footnotes. This can sometimes be problematic or a pain in the ass for the kindle.  Unfortunately for this story it was the latter.

At first I decided that I wasn’t going to read the footnotes (most likely read them all at the end). Then there were so many of them I was afraid that i was missing something. So I clicked through and landed on the information. So far so good. Then i clicked on the info (to get back to my place in the story) and I landed back to the table of contents.

At this point, especially since I was back at the ToC, I decided to skip the story and move on to the next one.

I didn’t even read enough of it to get a  sense of the story so this review is about the formatting but carry’s Dilts’ name unfortunately.