“Death in Midsummer” by Yukio Mishima

by kattomic

“Death in Midsummer” by Yukio Mishima


Story 102/366

“Yukio Mishima” was the pen name of Kimitake Hiraoka, possibly the best known and most influential Japanese literary figure of the 20th century. Even now, 42 years after he committed seppuku in the wake of his failed overthrow of the Japanese government, his literary legacy remains impressive with numerous books (40 novels, 20 books of essays, 20 books of short stories) and plays.  (He was, according to Wikipedia, nominated three times for the Nobel Prize in literature.)  This story starts out simply–a woman naps in an inn while her sister-in-law watches her three children at the beach. And then, well, as you can imagine the outing does not go well.
“Death in Midsummer” is the title story in the collection Death in Midsummer and Other Stories, published in 1966, four years before his suicide. You can read part of the story online at Open ISBN.

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