“The Courtship of Mr Lyon” by Angela Carter

by kattomic

“The Courtship of Mr Lyon” by Angela Carter


Story 101/366

Angela Carter died much too young (she was only 51) but she left an incredibly body of work—nine novels, two books of poetry, six short story collections, plays, children’s books, non-fiction and more. She is known for her re-imagined, feminist fairy tales and this, her version of “Beauty and the Beast,” has some lovely touches in it, including a nod to Alice in Wonderland and a wonderful glass bed in Beauty’s suite. (Carter did several translations of Perrault’s fairy tales, including “Cinderella.”) The story is not, however, as magical as it could be, nor as complete. It feels a bit rushed at the end, which is a shame. This story is from The Bloody Chamber.

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P.S. Is it just me or does Angela Carter look a lot like Nigella Lawson?