Pumping Up Napoleon, by Maria Donovan

by audreyhoman

#41: “Pumping Up Napoleon” by Maria Donovan

Synopsis: Napoleon Bonaparte makes a terrible lecturer and a worse boyfriend, even if he has stopped being dead.

The Head of School told her, off the record, that Napoleon had marched in and handed over a letter of complaint. In correct but ambiguous English Napoleon stated that he was not used to being examined by a giggling woman.

The Head of School, relieved that he wouldn’t have to speak French, had presented him with a copy of the University’s Equal Opportunities policy, smiled, bowed and showed him the door. Napoleon had torn the document to shreds and thrown the pieces down the stair well.

It’s an outlandish premise well thought out as to the consequences, and the character of the resurrected Napoleon is hilarious as well as ghoulish. Good times for all.

“Pumping Up Napoleon” is available online at here.