Fall North, by Tim McLean

by audreyhoman

#40: “Fall North” by Tim McLean

Synopsis: A weekend in the life of a Boston hit man.

Rollo had named his daughter Eliza, which Ed thought was asking for trouble in the first place.

So. Good. So good. Very suspenseful and I loved the style of the writing. There are some really great sentences in here.

The second car was a nasty bit of European speedcraft, crouching half on the grass and gleaming in its paint so that even the fallen leaves seemed to give wide berth as they rustled past.

Ed’s boot was steel-toed, and connected at the man’s temple with a wet spank.

I’m sort of amazed it’s free. I would’ve given the author cash to tell me a story like this. Anyway. It’s beautiful and terrifying and free. Go.

“Fall North” is available online at here.