Where Billy Died by Earl Staggs

by Barb Goffman

This stand-alone story was published by Untreed Reads in August 2011


When Billy Joe Raynor jumps bail, Jack heads to Texas to bring Billy Joe back to Philly. This case is more important than others because Jack’s wife – who owns the bail bonds agency – will lose the large bond she put up and thus the business if Billy isn’t brought back. But no one ever said skip-tracing is easy, especially when you realize there’s a mob-enforcer chasing you because  the fugitive stole some mob money (and, oh yeah, the enforcer’s boss has some unfinished business with you, too). So Jack has to find Billy Joe while avoiding the enforcer. And then there’s this whole part of the story about Billy the Kid, which I can’t explain without saying too much.

This story won this year’s Derringer Award in the Novelette category.