Geeks of the Jeffersonian, Part 1, by elfwreck

by audreyhoman

#33: “Geeks of the Jeffersonian, Part 1” by elfwreck

Synopsis: Bones fanfic which conjures a past for the Jeffersonian squints and tries to figure out how they got…the way they are.

Zack was never social enough for D&D. He saw them, the gamer kids who met in the library, and he wanted what they had—a world of their own, where you knew the rules and everybody had a purpose, and success was rewarded with numbers (not grades, arbitrary vague labels based on how well you pleased the teacher, not how well you completed the assignment according to the instructions) and failure was measured in points, so you knew how to avoid it next time. But playing D&D involved talking with other kids, and Zack was never good at that.

Zack was good at things, not people.

I watched Bones kind of religiously for three seasons until that thing happened. And for me, by far the best part of the show were the lab geeks, Booth’s “squints”: hyper-intelligent and strange and wonderful.

“Geeks of the Jeffersonian, Part 1” is available free online at An Archive Of Our Own.