Take That, Bembridge Scholars! by seren_ccd

by djsacramento

#32: “Take That, Bembridge Scholars” by seren_ccd

Synopsis: Mummy fanfic in which Evie takes the Bembridge Scholars to task over their various shortcomings.

“We almost got torn apart,” Rick explained, “and Egypt was actually attacked locusts and flies and boils and sores and, and–”

“Water turning into blood and that sand thing,” Jonathan added gesturing with his flask.

“Yeah, that stuff, too,” Rick said while Evelyn frowned at both of them. “My point is, we almost got killed and your next move is to write a strongly worded letter?”

It is warm and fuzzy, is what. And there’s only so many times you can read about clowns cutting the fetuses out of pregnant teenagers at carnivals before having to take a warm and fuzzy breather.

Evy pulled back and glared at her brother. “Jonathan, despite all evidence to the contrary, you were not raised by wolves, kindly knock next time.”

Then she looked up at Rick and said, “And no. He’s not going to make an honest woman out of me.”

Rick raised his eyebrows. “I’m not?”

“Oh no,” she said starting to grin. “I’m going to make an honest man out of him.”

Trust me, I’ve spoiled nothing. There are plenty of other good bits. Go. Go on.

“Take That, Bembridge Scholars!” is available free online at An Archive Of Our Own.