Perfect Crime, by Jack Erickson

by audreyhoman

#31: “Perfect Crime” by Jack Erickson

Synopsis: A wife figures out how to get the perfect revenge on her cheating husband and his lover. Now she just has to make a clean getaway.

The milky beacon of the Point Bonita Lighthouse swept across the dark Pacific, its foghorn moaning like a sorrowful plea from the grave. A few miles west, great white sharks, gray whales, tuna, seals and salmon swam in deep Pacific currents.

The headlands’ tortuous turns resembled a Le Mans rally route. A mile to the east, Sausalito’s bars and restaurants were packed with Marin County liberals dipping focaccia bread in olive oil and vinaigrette, nibbling radicchio salads, chewing on grilled tilapia and sipping Napa Valley’s fruity pinot grigios.

I was straddling two worlds: the western edge of North America and the hedonism of the California good life.

I have a serious soft-spot for well-written California, and this story nails Marin County and the long, straight, eye-numbing drive that connects SF and LA. The set-up is clever and the anti-heroine well-written. In fact, were it not for the ending, this story would’ve been fantastic.

“Perfect Crime” is free online.