“–All You Zombies–” by Robert A. Heinlein

by kattomic

“–All You Zombies–” by Robert A. Heinlein


Story 84/366

This one’s for every writer who’s ever had a story rejected.  Heinlein wrote “All You Zombies” in a single day in 1958 and submitted it to Playboy Magazine, which rejected it. It was published in Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine in March 1959 and has been winning awards and filling out anthologies ever since.  The story now has its own Wikipedia entry, which is more than can be said for the nameless editor who rejected it at Playboy.  Neener, neener, neener!  The story is an intricate time-travel tale in which the major action takes place in 1970. You can listen to the story read by Steve Ely on Escape Pod here.

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