“The Little Mermaid” by Douglas Clegg

by kattomic

“The Little Mermaid” by Douglas Clegg


Story 82/366

Horror/dark fantasy writer Clegg was a pioneer in epublishing with his email-distributed-serial novel Naomi. Since then, his work has gone on to collect a slew of Bram Stoker Award nominations, and great reviews from some of the biggest names in the genre (among them John Saul and Robert McCammmon). On the dedication page of The Nightmare Chronicles, the collection in which this story appears, Clegg writes, “Storytelling is a form of kidnapping. Come along with me.” We do so willingly.  That’s apt, for this book because the framing story in the collection is about a kidnapping where the “victim” extracts the ransom and the price is high. This story is a dark tale about love and dreams and will stay with you.  For more about Clegg, see his website here.

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