Transplanting the Convolvulus by Carol Biederman

by Barb Goffman

63/366 from The Crime Festival 2005, edited by Nicole Smith (published by Cape Fear Crime Festival, 2005).

Read March 18, 2012.

This is a delightful story set in an English country village, with a woman who has lived a happy, quiet life in her cottage, gardening and participating in community activities. She’d cared for her elderly parents, so they’d left the house to her along with just enough money to live on, and all is well for many years. Then, one day, her awful sister re-enters the picture. Mum and Dad had left the house jointly to the women, and now Sis has decided it’s time to sell the place and split the money. What is our poor protagonist to do? Where is she to go? As you may guess, she decides she needs to off her sister to avoid the sale. But in an unexpected twist, she changes her mind because she doesn’t have murder in her. That’s when things you wouldn’t expect start to happen…

The last line in this story is just perfect. If you like quiet mysteries, English country mysteries, or gardening mysteries, you’ll like this story. It took third place in the 2005 Cape Fear Crime Festival short story contest.

The 112-page anthology that this story is in was published in 2005 by the Cape Fear Crime Festival in conjunction with their conference. It’s available used from one source on Amazon for the exorbitant price of $180, which is a shame, because this story is so great.