The Beginning of the End, by Jeff Shelby

by audreyhoman

#25: “The Beginning of the End” by Jeff Shelby

Synopsis: A booster shot from the Noah Braddock series.

Carter rose out of the ocean like the Loch Ness monster. If the Loch Ness monster was six-foot-nine and liked to surf.

I put off reading this story for the longest time, both because it’s the only wee snippet of the Noah Braddock series left that I haven’t read, and also because in the Liz/Noah vs Noah/Carter debate, I’m firmly Team Carter. Awesomely, this story is the best of all possible worlds: nominally about a secret Liz keeps from Noah, it turns out to be fully Carteriffic. And I loved it. It’s short, fluffy and adorable, three words you might never have thought would actually pertain to the Noah Braddock series.

“The Beginning of the End” appears in the Out of Time. The collection’s free right now, which is criminal.