Flash Mob, by Kaye George

by audreyhoman

#24: “Flash Mob” by Kaye George

Synopsis: Dude. Who the fuck cheats on a cancer patient?

(Don’t answer that.)

Her jaw relaxed and she pictured his proud, shining eyes, the color of melting dark chocolate. “That’s great, hon. Let’s go to the new place in Dover. Lisa said the food was good, atmosphere great, and the prices not too awful.”

“I’ll be home around six. Leave around seven?”

She remembered that as their last good night.

I’m torn about this one. The premise is intriguing, and the plot delivers what I want from a short story: it creates a difficult situation, messes with the characters, then goes someplace I wasn’t expecting, that made me think. And while I didn’t really love the characters, I was impressed by the overall cleverness of the piece. Still reading the rest of the collection.

“Flash Mob” appears in A Patchwork of Stories.