“On Sacrifice, Dartboards, and the Night J.D. Salinger died” by Dante Zuniga-West

by kattomic

“On Sacrifice, Dartboards, and the Night J.D. Salinger Died” by Dante Zuniga-West


Story 70/366

Zuniga-West is a musician who is the Music and Visual Arts editor for the Eugene (Oregon) Weekly. His short stories have appeared in Black Clock, Bang, and Out of Nothing. He has a thoughtful non-fiction piece called “On Transition” about being over-educated and under-employed that’s up at WorkLife Group. He gave a reading of his work here in L.A. in January and I wish I’d known because if this story is any indication, he’s great at telling stories. (He’s currently seeking representation for his short fiction collection Lovers and Fighters.) This story reads like autobiography with its authentic details and loopy connections. (The protagonist’s drunken appreciation of Salinger’s genius at the end of a long shift as a bar bouncer is particularly believable, especially if you’ve ever lived in a college town.) The story is here.

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