“When I Was Dead” by Vincent O’Sullivan

by kattomic

“When I Was Dead” by Vincent O’Sullivan


Story 68/366

The master of Ravenell Hall (Alistair by name) is not a particularly pleasant man. He has few visitors and that’s the way he likes it. And then something happens that quite disrupts his routine, leaving him quite vexed. Although an American, O’Sullivan’s fiction has a decidedly English flair. He was a contemporary of (and friends with) both Oscar Wilde and Aubrey Beardsley.  O’Sullivan was a poet as well as a novelist and short story writer and from the beginning of this story (his most well-known, published in 1896), you can tell he loved language. (He describes the wind as it “soughed” and “ailed” in the trees, for example.)  The story is quite short and can be found here.

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