Thanks for the Ride, Alice Munro, Dance of the Happy Shades

by Patti Abbott

#46 Patti Abbott
This is as noir as anything in crime fiction. Two boys in their late teens, not really friends, find themselves in a resort town that is a bit down at the heels. They pick up two girls and share a pretty unpleasant night with them. The protagonist’s girl seems determined to make it a real “Saturday” night although she really has little enthusiasm for him or anything else. They make love and, if anything, she seems more distressed. He is too young to figure it out and as the reader, it is your job to do this..
This is one of the big differences between “literary” and genre stories for me. The literary writer leaves it to you to find the meaning in it. Sometimes this works for me and other times not so much. But Munro is a master and I can tap back into my teenage self to the almost obsessive need to have a Saturday night date.