Crankset, by Kate Roman

by djsacramento

#16: Crankset, by Kate Roman

Synopsis: A short, sweet placeporn piece featuring two guys in love, and a city full of inappropriately priced real estate.

Squatting on a dropcloth spread over the rough gravel, Matt glared at a set of cantilevered brakes and threw his screwdriver down in disgust.

Jason didn’t look up from where he was stretched out full-length, arms crossed behind his head, eyes closed. “That’ll teach ’em.”

“That was just a warning shot, sweetheart. Letting them know I’m onto their tricks.”

Jason stretched out his good leg, rolling his ankle, cracking it in each direction. He yawned and contentedly adjusted himself through his shorts. “Yeah, you’ve definitely got ’em running scared. I’ve never seen such terrified bike parts before.”

“Crankset” is available online here.