Larry’s Place, by Michelle Tea

by djsacramento

#13: Larry’s Place, by Michelle Tea

Synopsis: A day in the life of Bernal Hill apartment-dwellers, noir-style.

If you ask me, houses shouldn’t have been built down here. These little block-long streets cease abruptly at the open space that remains on the side of the hill, and the hill is angry that development has crept so close. It whips these pathetic homes with a battering, constant wind. It sends soggy clouds to sit damply atop the roofs, trickling stagnant moisture, birthing deep green molds. It sends its monsters, the horrifying Jerusalem crickets, up from the soil to invade basement apartments, looking like greasy, translucent alien insects. They drive me crying into the bathroom to strategize their eviction from my home.

This was my favorite story find of all last year, and I liked it so much I wound up podficcing it for a friend of mine who rolls that way. It’s a very San Francisco type of noir that basically involves the inherent and slipping architecture of unfairness, sex work, and bad toupees.

“Larry’s Place” appears in San Francisco Noir. I believe in my heart of hearts that the woman on the cover is the narrator of this story.