A Perfect Honeymoon, by Delilah_Joy

by audreyhoman

#3: “A Perfect Honeymoon” by Delilah_Joy

Synopsis: Set after the end of the movie “Some Like It Hot”, this story does perfect justice to the other love story in the film: Osgood and Daphne. And it’s warm and fuzzy and wonderful.

Daphne put on the negligee and took a breath before opening the bathroom door. Osgood had changed into pajama pants and a smoking jacket; he’d turned the lights down and lit a pair of candles.

“Well,” he said, walking toward her. “Aren’t you a vision?”

Daphne ducked her head, embarrassed. She knew the nightgown didn’t leave much to the imagination. No more polite fiction, no more half-pretending.

A Perfect Honeymoon is available online here.